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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) an extended form of the original IT stresses on the importance of unified communications and integrating telecommunications. Cisco Packet Tracer an e-learning software is aid for students interested in developing ICT skills as it corroborates Networking Academy Students to gain applicable networking technology skills.
Cisco Packet Tracer allows to connect with unlimited number of devices which in turn makes troubleshooting easier as well as helps in simulation based learning. Cisco Packet Tracer not only makes learning easy but at the same facilitates instructors to easily demonstrate complex concepts related to ICT.


  1. Provides for Multi-user functionality.
  2. Offers Graphical representations simulating hardware and ability to insert interface cards in modular devices.
  3. The software provides its users two workspaces which help in developing logical network topologies and a physical dimension of the logical network.
  4. Cisco Packet Tracer provides its users to operate in two different modes- a real time mode and a simulation mode.
  5. To familiarize its users with the product features and simulation the software also provides for tutorials.
  6. Help feature to make the user understand the functioning of the software.


The Cisco Packet Tracer provides for practical and hands-on mode of learning which makes its users more equipped and confident. At the same time its multi-user functionality allows students to collaborate and compete among each other.
So if you want to excel in ICT skills and make learning a better and easy experience use Cisco Packet Tracer network.
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