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JDownloader is a free, open source tool written in Java helping with automatic download of bulk files from one-click hosting websites. Thus, you can proceed with Rapidshare and Mega in a hassle-free manner even when they feature time limits and CAPTCHAS prior to clicking on download links.
By just providing the initial link, JDownloader can automate the whole process in an easy manner. The program available over multiple platforms allows pausing, and resuming of downloads as well as scheduling of transfers. The program installer is hosted on Mega and supplied in RAR format which can induce users to install the download software although everyone might not be in possession of the required software to decompress the RAR file.
JDownloader can look a little bit intimidating initially but is sure to get easy to use with time. A clipboard monitor analyses the copied URL automatically prior to adding the same to the program. This in turn can help with massive collection of links which are subsequently downloaded in one batch. Coupled with such attributes, JDownloader can serve as a potent time saver as it automates a large number of operations and provides with remote access option which monitors large downloads even when you are away from your computer. Auto-extract archives and bandwidth limitations can be set using the JDownloader which also allows queueing of unlimited files for being downloaded. You can stay updated about the download progress courtesy the status bar thus helping you work with greater efficiency. The user-specified download links get divided into packages so that they can be paused individually before continuing with the download process. Once all the parts have been downloaded, split RAR archives are unpacked automatically by the program. 


  • Can solve CAPTCHAs automatically using its own OCR module.
  • Is compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Supports multiple downloads simultaneously over different connections.
  • Serves as an automatic extractor for RAR archives.
  • Offers 300 decrypt plugins to cater to varying services such as UCMS, sj.org, RLSLog, WordPress, etc.
  • Can decrypt CCF, RSDF and DLC container files.
  • A new IP address can be acquired automatically to save the waiting time.
  • “Hoster plugins” are supported for downloading from one-click hoster.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Integrated package manager to help with additional modules such as Shutdown and Web Interface.
  • Supports Metalink format for listing multiple mirrors.
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