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Most of the computer users set various passwords for different reasons. However, it is not easy for them to remember all those long or short passwords. That is why the best solution is to generate a master password with the help of a software system.

Though there are several password managers in the market, you can find that KeePass software has become a useful and popular tool. This free, open-source software has advantageous features for all users. Other applications save password online. However, KeePass can store this only on your mobile and desktop. This is a customizable and powerful software system with a good interface.

More than one user key

There is a particular password, which helps in decrypting the database. Use of key files is also a good idea because they offer improved security. However, it is essential to carry the file system with you, using an USB disk. You can also consider applying both the options to get unlocked.

No need of installation - Easy accessibility

One of the best features of this software is that it’s portable, and thus, you may move it with your USB. You can run it on a Windows computer without installing the application. However, there is also an option for installing it, especially for those, who like to access it with Windows shortcut.
This software does not save any data on the computer system of the users. If you have deleted the directory to KeePass or used an uninstaller, no one will realize that you have once used this app.


SHA-256- This is the main technology for dealing with master keys. With cryptographic system, it secures everything. The password of the user remains encrypted while running the software. These passwords will never get revealed after dumping the software to any disk. Security-enhanced password edit controls: KeePass software is the most recognized product, which includes security password editing systems.

Password generating system

The software is able to create strong passwords with the input of users.

Format supported by the software

For moving any file, KeePass applies CSV format. This app is also able to introduce various TXT-based outputs. Overall, it can back up thirty-five formats. You may transport the list of passwords in any format, like HTML, TXT or XML.

Thus, KeePass software works as the best password manager with customizable settings and other incredible options. This is also the right tool for all those users, who are technically skilled. So, download Keepass now and secure all your passwords.

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5.0 star rating
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"Very nice form filling app" Reviewed by Aabu Sachi on 16th December, 2018

Best password and form submitter software


no cons

"Quite good form filling app" Reviewed by Philip Moore on 22nd November, 2018

I was using Roboform sice last 7 years but having some issue with cracked version so my friend suggest me Keepass software, and it is very good. It runs very good in my web browser without any error. So I am happy with it..


No cons

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