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We live at a point of time, where internet has become the major source of information. From finding new software to checking latest news, from having seamless online communications to playing multiplayer games online, everything has dependent on availability of internet. Thus, it becomes a necessary to have access to the websites which help us achieve this. Many times it happens that we are not able to surf through some particular websites as they are tagged as “malicious” or “unsafe” due to certain predefined protocols. This is where “Psiphon” chips in. Psiphon is an open sourced freeware which uses a combination of technologies like HTTP, VPN & SSH along with secure communication procedures.

Psiphon comes as an ally for users primarily in countries which are considered unsafe to browse into. The designing of Psiphon is quite impressive and works along technologies which allow internet users around the globe to bypass the default content filters set up by network providers and individual governments to restrict traffic on particular networks. Psiphon also provides surfing through websites on public Wi-Fi in a safer manner, by warning users of stolen cookies and caches.

Above features coupled with speed, simplicity and safety make Psiphon a pretty solid package for users sitting in certain freedom restricted countries. Psiphon also has a unique feature of “Tracking Web Traffic Stat” wherein it gives an accurate estimate of how much knowledge and information has been utilized using the software. A “Car Option” helps its users to automatically choose a dependable circumvention for each user.

Although there are many software available with similar capabilities, Psiphon brings together latest technologies, multiplatform availability and security into a single software. Giving its users the power to access knowledge and information from any website, from any country across the globe has been its biggest selling point. Psiphon started off as an Android application, but its popularity hit heights in no time. Thus, Psiphon for PC was launched for Operating Systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
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